Free Support

Our friendly team will be happy to help you with any problems you may have with our service. If you have problems with making your website, you could use w3Schools or Mozilla Web Docs

Free SSL

We offer a free web security certificate (known as an SSL certificate) to all of our lovely customers. Thanks to the super powers of Cloudflare, we are also able to provide a super fast connection to your website thanks to their global network of 150 datacenters (and counting). Oh yes - we'll set that up for you too.

Free Hosting

In case you're not familiar with this term, web hosting is simply the storage and access to your website. We don't just offer any old hosting for free, we offer unlimited diskpace, unlimited bandwidth 1 and unlimited SQL databases (just to name a few)! No ads, either - we don't care for that.

Smart Security

With offer free security protection for all of your websites. Someone trying to attack you? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Our service will manage all traffic going into your website and block any suspicious or unusual activity, preventing you from being hacked!


£0 /month

  • check Unlimited disk space
  • check Unlimited bandwidth 1
  • check Unlimited subdomains
  • check 10 email addresses
  • check 400 SQL databases
  • check Free SSL certificate 2
  • check Free domain 3
  • check Basic PHP support 4


£1 /month

  • check All of the free plan as well as:
  • check Premium domain included
  • check Priority support


£4 /month

  • check All of the free plan as well as:
  • check Free Premium Domain
  • check Daily Website Backups
  • check Unlimited SSD Disk
  • check 24/7 monitoring & firewall
  • check Anti-Spam protection
  • check Account Backups
  • check 100% Network Uptime